Hours: 8am-6pm EST M-Sat; 1pm-5pm EST Sun


The site is designed to allow individuals to to donate items for auction. By donating, they are indicating that they have clear title to the items.

The buyers and sellers are both registered and items will be shipped and insured once payment is transferred and confirmed received. Payment to the seller will be held temporarily in escrow until the buyer has confirmed satisfaction with the purchased item and releases the payment.

The sellers may choose to either:

  • donate an item for auction outright with all proceeds going to the charity of their choice (less fees), or
  • to donate, while retaining a portion of the value of the item (not to exceed 30% of its value) with the remaining going to the charity of their choosin (less fees).

The recipient charity will be responsible for issuing a receipt for funds.

America’s Interests is responsible for conveying and tracking funds through PayPal.

The fees associated with using the auction site include the approved overhead factor of 30%, which support the site and services offered.